samedi 13 septembre 2014

Surprise Pinata Cupcakes recipe

 Ingredients you’ll need for this tutorial are:
Knife (serrated)
Circle cutter (2cm / 3/4″)
Knife (butter)
Star piping tip
Piping bag
Cupcake to frost
Mini m&m’s
Jaffas (or crispy / peanut m&m’s)
Ice cream wafter or easy to cut cookie

Step 1
Take your baked, cooled cupcakes and your circle cutter. Gently core out a small circle from the centre of your cake, being careful to keep the cored section in tact.
Tip: Twisting the cutter as you cut the core helps to release it cleanly
Step 2
Firmly pack the centre of your cupcake with mini m&ms or any other small candy (nerds, rainbow chips, choc rocks etc). The smaller the candy, the better your piñata spill effect will be
Step 3
Take your ‘core’ and cut the very top off – place the top back onto the candy packed core of your cupcake and press down to seal the candy in
Step 4
Decorate as normal! I used a simple star piping tip to create a beautiful Sundae Style swirl, then added sprinkles, a red candy and a cut ice cream wafer to give mine a classic and simple cupcake decoration which doesn’t give away the secret candy stash, hidden beneath the surface

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